A digital assets transfer platform designed for the most vulnerable communities.
"Access the power of blockchain technology via a feature phone"


With Sikka, community members can receive cash transfers being sent to them on their own feature phones via a local vendor or a local cooperative in their village, thus allowing both un-restricted as well as restricted cash transfers.

Value Voucher

A voucher that has a certain value with which beneficiaries can buy commodities from local merchants.


Digital tokens that can be redeemed for cash at a local cooperative

Purchase Tracking

Vendors can track items purchased using Sikka and automatically generate invoice.

Analysis & Reporting

Download and analyze both segregated and aggregated reports at the head-office through our admin panel.

How It Works

Human Centered Design

Sikka’s user interface deploys a human-centered design that does not require more than a basic knowledge of how to operate a feature phone and will not need asmartphone. Sikka will offer access to modular and powerful blockchain solutions while providing a simple a user interface to provide these services to non-technical users.

Why Sikka?

After a disaster, the distribution of aid in the form of cash is often complicated due to the lack of infrastructure and services in remote and rural areas. Blockchain technology delivered over cellular networks can play a key role in enabling the transfer of digital assets through smart contracts, thus addressing the needs of rural communities in Nepal while ensuring minimal operational and overhead costs ensuring majority of the donated amount reaches the beneficiaries.

Our Team

Saujanya Acharya

Project Lead

Sandesh Pandey

Lead Developer

Aradhana Gurung

Lead Manager
Nepal Innovation Lab

Suyog Raj Chalise

Program Coordinator
Nepal Innovation Lab

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